This Tiny Pup's Tricks Will Drop Your Jaw!

This Tiny Pup's Tricks Will Drop Your Jaw!

Training is very beneficial to puppies! They’re very quick learners and it helps develop the way they think. Not only that, but training dogs to do tricks also develops their relationship with their moms and dads!

They know that if they’re good they’ll get a treat and praise, which is the best thing to them. And not least, it’s also really fun to spend some time with your pooch and teach them new stuff!

12 week old Lilly is already ahead of the game, as she knows plenty of tricks! Her dad spends a lot of time teaching her useful skills, and she’s clearly having a great time spending so much time with him as well! Lilly can sit, lie down, play dead, roll around and even fetch, which is really impressive for such a young pup!

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Feature Image Source: CharlieTheBeagleandLauraOlivia

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