This Compilation Proves Labradors Are REALLY Awesome!

This Compilation Proves Labradors Are REALLY Awesome!

Courtesy of America’s Funniest Videos, you’re about to enjoy four minutes of funny, adorable, and clumsy labs!

From a little girl sharing the hose with her pup to a lab puppy splashing around in a tiny bowl of water, this compilation proves how much more fun life can be with a four-legged friend – and not just any four-legged friend – a Labrador retriever!

What strikes us the most is how integrated these labs are in their families, yet they’re able to maintain a sense of free-spirited independence!

The best part comes at the one-minute mark. As Dad holds up flash cards for his kids to read off, the family dog decides to take on the challenge himself.

His response leaves his human brothers laughing hysterically, and it’s definitely my personal favorite clip from the montage!

See them all for yourself on page 2!

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Watch the video below to see the awesome Labrador compilation!

Feature Image Source: yoot Animals

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