When It's Time For Dinner These Pups Cannot Wait!

When It's Time For Dinner These Pups Cannot Wait!

If there’s one time that all pups look forward to, it’s dinner time! It’s a universal truth that fur balls are already waiting for dinner right after they’ve had breakfast.

It’s the same for Kate and Trudy, two adorable dachshund pups. This short film captures that anticipation and anxiousness perfectly! Their dinner time is 5pm, but long before then, these pups are already antsy for more food! They try to play together to pass the time, but it can get a little snappy when food is the only thing on your mind.

How on earth do pups even get hungry this quickly? It almost defies biology! Finally, after a long wait, dinner is served, and these pups leap on their meals the moment the food bowls hit the ground. They polish them clean, and then off they go, away to play and wait for breakfast. Silly pups! Do like and share away!

Feature Image Source: Jessica Leigh Entingh

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