Tiny Beagle Puppy Goes Exploring!

Tiny Beagle Puppy Goes Exploring!

Watch as Roo, the tiny Beagle puppy go exploring! This cute little guy is only a few weeks old but he’s surrounded by girls so he decides it’s time he takes matters into his own paws and he decides to go exploring by himself to see what else is out there.

He’s the adventurous one of the litter and goes wandering! However, poor little Roo gets lost and realizes he may be too little to explore by himself. Lucky for him, all it takes are some tiny beagle puppy calls (the cutest little howls you will ever hear) and his mom comes running to guide him back to the family and have some lunch.

All is well for Roo again.

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We would love to see what Roo is up to now!

Watch the video below to see the beagle puppy exploring!

Feature Image Source: Animal Planet

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