Tiny Pup Abandoned In A Trash Can Gets A Second Chance To Love And Happiness

Tiny Pup Abandoned In A Trash Can Gets A Second Chance To Love And Happiness

When an employee at the Georgia Welcome Center was about to throw some trash into the garbage bin, she didn’t expect to hear was a cry coming from inside.

Inside the trash can was a tiny little tanned Chihuahua. She was terrified, extremely skinny, and clearly not doing very well. The employee rang a colleague who had been a volunteer at the Hart County Animal Rescue and asked what to do.

The pup was taken to a vet and named Carolina. She was cold and wet, and she was extremely hungry, weighing no more than 6 pounds. She was also very frightened, and the fact that she had survived the freezing rain in the county that week was a miracle.

The pup wasn’t a microchipped, and there were no cameras who could figure out who heartlessly discarded her. As such, she was taken in by the Hart County Animal Rescue, and the organization’s director, Judy Partain, brought her home so she could rest.

Amazingly, being safe transformed the pup’s personality completely. She surprised everyone in the home with her huge, happy energy. She loves playing and running around, especially with her three foster siblings.

She also loves cuddling with her foster family, and she’s shown herself to be very smart!

Carolina is determined to be friends with every pup she meets. Her story and personality have caused over 80 adoption applications to arrive for her, as well as more than 300 calls and texts! Many have said they’re willing to drive from a long way over to get her!

The pup has to wait for her mandatory stray holding period to be over and then she will be spayed, and she’ll finally be able to go to a loving home. Better days are just around the corner!

Images & Feature Image Source: Hart County Animal Rescue

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