Tiny Special Needs Puppy Is So Adorable Everyone Falls In Love With Her!

Tiny Special Needs Puppy Is So Adorable Everyone Falls In Love With Her!

No matter where she does, there’s one thing Michelle Thomas knows for sure. If she brings tiny pit bull Delta along, they’ll get so much attention that they’ll be late!

Delta was rescued two years ago after she was thrown out of a car. She was brought to a South Florida shelter, and the moment Thomas, who worked with the New Life Dog Rescue foster program, heard about her, she decided to drive all the way to Miami to bring her home to Florida and give her a temporary foster family.

Despite her tiny little size, Delta fit in well with the much largest foster dogs in the home. Her huge personality and strength of will made her keep up easily with the others, and she could even play and win games of tug of war!

But Thomas could tell something was different about Delta. At around the age of 4 or 5 months, she seemed to stop growing altogether, and she began to face health difficulties. She would have breathing and eating issues, and her front paws became more turned in.

After a lot of tests, she was diagnosed with canine dwarfism. Unfortunately, she also had brachycephalic syndrome, a respiratory disorder that is common in short-nosed dogs.

For the rest of her life, Delta would need very cautious special care. Thomas and New Life Dog Rescue knew she would have difficulty finding a forever home, so they worked out an arrangement. Delta would stay with Thomas for the rest of her life as a permanent foster dog!

Delta had to undergo surgery to aid her breathing, but luckily, she pulled through just fine. Today, she enjoys swimming, playing, and vocally talking to her loved ones.

She also craves attention and affection, so she loves going out with Thomas because she’s sure to receive lots of love from passersby! It’s uncertain what lies in Delta’s future, but one thing is known: she is safe, and she is loved.

Feature Image Source: Michelle Thomas

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