Top 10 English Bulldog Halloween Costumes That Are Going To Blow You Away!

Top 10 English Bulldog Halloween Costumes That Are Going To Blow You Away!

Halloween is just around the corner, but these adorable English bulldog pups are more than ready to celebrate! If you’re an English bulldog parent, you might want to check out these awesome Halloween costumes!

These cute little fur balls are more than ready to celebrate Halloween this year and whether you’ve picked a costume for yourself or not, they’ve picked one for themselves and are ready to blow everyone’s mind with their cuteness and their costumes! Check out the top 10 English bulldog Halloween costumes to inspire from!

#1 – The Famous Beetlejuice Costume!

Beetlejuice just got adorable. That priceless bulldog smile combined with the dark eyes and striped suit (and that hair!) make for an unmistakable costume that kind of just makes me want to see a remake of Beetlejuice starring all bulldogs. How cute would that be?

#2 – The Extra Grumpy Joker!

This is priceless. Jokers are meant to entertain and bring joy (which bulldogs are naturally great at). However, this Joker looks like he’s ready for retirement. Whether paired with a smile or case of the grumpies, this is adorable.

#3 – Captain Jack ‘Bully’ Sparrow

Any excuse for an English Bulldog to wear a hat is adorable! Pair with an eye patch and the rest of this awesome pirate costume and this is just the cutest pirate you’ve ever seen! Sure to get all the treasure!

#4 – The Scarecrow!

This is a great DIY bulldog costume – just get an old plaid shirt, some straw, and a hat and you are ready! This bulldog doesn’t seem too excited about it, but that might change when he sees how many treats he gets.

#5 – The Cute And Cuddly Lion!

I think we just broke the cute-o-meter. How cute is this bulldog lion? The only con? Everyone is going to want to scoop your bulldog up and cuddle them.

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#6 – The Cute Sheriff Costume!

The costumes are just getting cuter and cuter. This is the most precious Woody ever. All he needs is a friend to play Buzz Lightyear.

#7 – The Adorable Mammoth!

This is a totally unique costume that you won’t see all the other bulldogs wearing, but it looks adorable! This cutie is ready to trick-or-treat!

#8 – Elvis ‘Bulldog’ Presley Halloween Costume!

What is it about English bulldogs and Elvis that just go together so well? If your bulldog is a natural born “King” this is the costume for you!

#9 – The Walking Pumpkin!

This is a classic and always adorable. The good old reliable Halloween pumpkin is sure to bring smiles to all who see your English Bulldog. This cutie is ready to get some treats!

#10 – Shrek!

Shrek is a great costume for the bulldog build. Perfect for going trick-or-treating or meeting up with Donkey later and there is something about a bulldog in a Shrek costume that makes this character cuter than you ever thought before.

Which costumes are your favorite? Don’t forget to share pictures of your fur kids dressed in Halloween costumes! Also, please share this post with your friends!

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