Top 10 Pet Care Essentials You HAVE To Keep In Mind For A Happier Pup And A Happier You!

Top 10 Pet Care Essentials You HAVE To Keep In Mind For A Happier Pup And A Happier You!

So, you’re ready to get a pup. Or maybe you’re already the mommy or daddy to some adorable fur balls. Whatever the case, you know that having a four-pawed little one to call your own can or does bring joy into your life.

Regardless of whether you’re new to pup parenthood or a long-time veteran, here are 10 essential care tips you should be applying to your fur ball babies.

1. Ensure your pup eats right! Make sure your pup has a nutritious diet and always have fresh water available for consumption. Ask your vet about recommended food and portion sizes.

2. Be aware of the local legal rules and regulations regarding pet ownership. This includes licensing and vaccinations that are required by law. Speak to your local vet or animal shelter to learn about them.

3. Make sure your pup gets enough exercise. Set aside time to play with him and take him for a walk daily. You can also consult your vet about how much physical activity your pup requires.

4. Don’t take your pup out without a leash. Regardless of how well-trained your fur ball is, it’s important to have guaranteed control of him at all times. Some pups might take off down the road after a squirrel or run straight at the neighbor’s picnic – so keep them on a leash and save yourself, and those around you, a potential headache.

5. Let your pup wear a collar with an identifying tag. No matter how well you try to keep your fur ball with you, sometimes the unthinkable happens and they slip out of sight. The tag should list your name, address, and phone number, so that anyone who finds your pup can contact you and bring him home safely.

6. Book annual, routine check-ups with the vet. Just like we do, pups need to get regular health-checks to make sure everything’s A-Okay. Ask your local animal shelter about good vets in the area if you don’t have one already!

7. Consider spaying or neutering your pup. Fur balls who have been spayed or neutered often live longer and have less health and behavioral problems. And of course, it helps control animal overpopulation.

8. Make time for your pup. You might leave your fur ball outside in the yard or in his own little dog house, but do make sure you spend time with him personally, too! Your pup will love being around you and your family – nothing beats human companionship!

9. Train your pup on appropriate behavior. Teaching simple commands to your pup will help keep him in control when he’s too excited or acting out. But remember to teach with nothing but tender loving care! You can also opt to join a training class to learn positive training methods while meeting other fur balls and their parents.

10. Be patient. Your pup might drive you up the wall, but he has plenty to offer in terms of love and loyalty. If you have difficulty with some behaviors that your fur ball has, talk to a vet to see what can be done.

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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