What Are The Top 3 Human Foods That You Can Share With Your Dogs?

What Are The Top 3 Human Foods That You Can Share With Your Dogs?

Ever feel tempted to share a snack with your beloved pup? It’s not a bad idea, if you know what to give them!

Small portions of some human snacks can make great sharable treats for your pup and you, and they can even be used as rewards. Here are three human snacks you can share with a pup!

1. Blueberries


These yummy fruits aren’t too sweet and contain vitamin C and anti-oxidants, making them a great healthy snack for you, and your pup. Make sure to wash them before you give them to your pup, and it’s all good! You can even freeze the berries for an extra special dog treat!

2. Rice cakes


Also known as puffed rice, organic rice cakes or those without additives are great low-calorie snacks. Break one into small pieces and feed your pup one bit at a time. Do know that rice cakes don’t contain many vitamins and have zero protein to offer, though, so they should never be used to replace a meal!

3. Popcorn


Air popped popcorn that is free of salt or butter is great to give your pup. It doesn’t have a ton of nutrients, but it’s low in calories and provides a good amount of fiber. Just give your pup one kernel at a time and control their portions!

These fun treats are great for both you and your pup, as they’re good if you’re watching your weight and are also safe for a dog to happily eat. Don’t forget to like and share this information if you found it useful!

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