Top 5 Dachshund Pup Halloween Costumes That'll Blow Your Mind!

Top 5 Dachshund Pup Halloween Costumes That'll Blow Your Mind!

It’s the spookiest month of the year. You know what that means, pup parents – it’s time to prep your fur balls for Halloween!

If you’ve got a dachshund pup, then here are some awesome costume ideas you can make use of.

1. Hot dog

This is a pretty obvious one! You’ve got a sausage pup, why not make it even more like a frankfurter? A hot dog suit, complete with mustard, ketchup, and garnish, is perfect for a cute, yummy look!

2. Tootsie Roll

Any sort of food in this shape works, really. It makes use of a dachshund’s form and proves a clever and adorable costume that’s good enough to eat!

3. Pilot in a plane

This one involves a bit more effort, but a dachshund pup is small enough to make it doable! This involves dresses up the fur ball as a pilot and building a lightweight plane model that he can be draped in, to make it look like he’s really on an airplane!

4. Firefighter

A classic dress-up option like this one can never go wrong! Throw in a toy designed to look like a hose for some extra points, and don’t forget the helmet!

5. Cowboy or Cowgirl

This is an easy option for pup Mommies and Daddies who want to keep it simple. Any checkered fur ball shirt coupled with a Wild West hat and a bandana already makes for a complete look – although you can add a prop gun or roll of rope to the mix if you like!

I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration. Do like and share away!

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