Top 5 Emergencies In Dogs That You Have To Be Aware Of - Part 1

Top 5 Emergencies In Dogs That You Have To Be Aware Of - Part 1

Pups can exhibit signs of needing medical attention suddenly. As such, it’s important that you, as a pup parent, are prepared to recognize these signs and know more about what they mean.

Here are five common emergencies that may be faced by pups.

1. Vomiting and diarrhea

Perhaps the most common reason for canine medical emergencies, these two conditions can be a sign of a pup consuming something they shouldn’t have. This can result in that something getting stuck in the digestive tract, and it may take surgery to remove the foreign object. Vomiting and diarrhea can also be a sign of viral infection, like the potentially fatal parvovirus, which warrants immediate veterinary care. You can find out more about what to do when a pup vomits here and here.

2. Toxic substances

Being the curious creatures that they are, pups can sometimes ingest food or liquids that they find in their house, and these products can be toxic to them. You can find a list of these poisonous products to pups here. You can also read up on methods for keeping your pups safe from poison here, and find out what to do when your pup ingests a toxic substance here.

3. Allergies

Pups can experience allergic reactions at different levels, some which may just cause some swelling and can be treated with simple antihistamines, and some which can result in shock and potentially fatalities. Here’s a list of the most common allergies experienced by pups, and here’s a handy informational guide on how to manage those allergies.

4. Bite wounds

If your dog has an altercation with another, it can result in a few bites and cute here and there. But even wounds that don’t seem serious might be hiding internal bleeding that can lead to potentially fatal injuries. This is especially true in small pups, who may begin to exhibit signs of shock – like weakness, a rapid heart rate, or pale gums – if this is the case. Regardless of your pup’s size, though, all dog fights warrant a trip to the vet for a check-up.

5. Car accidents

If your pup gets into a car accident, no matter how mild the injuries seem, you should send them to a vet immediately. Similar to bite wounds, small surface injuries can hide life-threatening internal ones. Your pup may have fractures, head trauma, ruptures, bruising, or injuries to the ribs and lungs following a car accident, so you should get emergency medical care immediately.

This might not seem like many injuries, but there are more to discuss! Stick around and we’ll be talking about more medical and internal emergencies in the next article. Till then, like and share away!

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