Top 5 Halloween Costumes For Labrador Pups To Get Them In The Game!

Top 5 Halloween Costumes For Labrador Pups To Get Them In The Game!

As the time for creepy crawlies, trick-or-treating, and jack-o’-lanterns approaches, it’s about the right time to start considering costume options for your fur ball!

And if that pup is a labrador retriever, then boy, do I have some good suggestions for you! Check them out!

1. Lion

A yellow labrador retriever can be dressed up with a big mane around the face to look exactly like a majestic lion. It’s an easy costume to get your hands on, and the results are adorable!

2. Superman or Superwoman

There are plenty of superhero costumes available out there for a fur ball, and they’d definitely fit well! With a big S emblazoned on a blue shirt and red cape attached to its back, any fur ball can live that life. A bird? A place? No, it’s Superdog!

3. Dinosaur

This one makes for a cute costume choice, and there are plenty of them available to be purchased in stores. Soon, you’ll have a fearsome predator stomping around searching for prey in the form of biscuits and treats.

4. Wild West style

Now, I don’t mean dressing up your pup as a cowboy or cowgirl, but rather, making them look like they’re the rides for some! Simply place a saddle on your pup’s back and place a seated action figure on it to make it look like your fur ball is ready for the rodeo!

5. Witch or Wizard

You can make your pup a typical magical character with a pointy hat and long black robes, or you could dress them up like a Harry Potter character. Whatever your choice, your fur ball is sure to look scary – scarily cute, that is!

I hope these suggestions have helped you narrow down a list of possible costumes! Don’t forget to share!

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