Two Adorable Dachshunds Fight Over A Big Blanket!

Two Adorable Dachshunds Fight Over A Big Blanket!

Jackson and Rosie are the two adorable black & tan dachshunds who are fighting over the silliest thing, a big blanket! The blanket belongs to Jackson, the doxie on the left, frantically pulling at it. However, his sister, Rosie has decided she wanted to steal his blanket and has no intentions of sharing it! She plopped herself down right on top of it and isn’t moving an inch.

Jackson grabs the blanket and tugs and tugs, hoping to pull it out from underneath his sister, Rosie but she isn’t giving up easily.

Poor guy just wanted to take a nap, but his blankie has been stolen!

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We would love it if Rosie would share with her brother – the blankie is plenty big for the both of them to take a nap together, but it looks like this girl wants it all for herself, which leaves Jackson to try to figure out a way to get it back!

Watch the video below to see the adorable dachshunds!

Feature Image Source: Jessica Durbin

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