Two Awesome Ways To Help Feed Shelter Dogs Because They Deserve It!

Two Awesome Ways To Help Feed Shelter Dogs Because They Deserve It!

All around the world, pups that long for loving homes reside in shelters that house them and give them food, water, and other basic necessities.

But many shelters are non-profit organizations who need to work hard to provide these fur balls with quality food. But there’s good news! Even if you already have fur balls of your own and can’t adopt another, you can still help shelter pups receive the food they need. And the best part is, you get to do that while also helping your own pup achieve a better quality of life! By purchasing items for your pup through A Dog’s Love, the site will donate a few days’ worth of meals to shelters. There’s really no downside to that!


One of the items you can get through here is a WaggWalker. It’s a special type of pup harness that makes walking your fur ball easier, safer, and less stressful! Unlike most harnesses, the WaggWalker clips in the front, allowing for more control. It also comes with a free safety clip that you can use to attach the harness to your pup’s collar.


Even better, there’s a piece of chain in the front of the WaggWalker that emanates a sound that helps positive communication between you and your pup. It even comes with tips for fitting and training so you can use all the functions safely. The best part? Purchasing a WaggWalker through A Dog’s Love gives five days’ worth of food to shelters!


If you’re worried about your pup getting lost, consider purchasing a WaggTagg. It’s a brightly-colored name-tag for your pup that contains a QR code and a URL unique to your pup. Those who find your fur ball can scan the code or enter the URL, and it will automatically alert you via text or email.


There are no extra charges, and the service runs 24/7. Ahh, the wonders of technology! And this helpful tag will give shelters three days’ worth of food. There’s nothing to lose here!

Well, there you have it – some items that will both improve your pup’s care and feed shelter pups the quality meals they deserve! Keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned for more of these types of items in a later post! Don’t forget to like and share, too!

Feature Image Source: Danny Wilson

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