Two People Wanted After 4 Dogs Stolen From Animal Shelter

Two People Wanted After 4 Dogs Stolen From Animal Shelter

On the 12th of September Saturday morning, employees at the Campbell County Animal shelter woke up to a rude shock. Four dogs were missing among them a German Shepherd and a Beagle.

After checking the CCTV footage, it was established that two suspects broke into the shelter at around 10:35 p.m., stole a 50-pound German Shepherd called Boomer before returning at 4:34 a.m. on Saturday to steal the three other dogs, including a beagle. What’s worse is that Boomer was undergoing treatment for illnesses associated with heartworms.

The CCTV footage at the shelter is in black and white so it couldn’t help much in identifying the culprits. However, the Campbell County Sheriff’s office was able to get a better view of the suspects by checking another camera within the vicinity of the crime. On Saturday, the Sheriff’s office released a notice with the pictures of the suspects and the stolen dogs requesting help from the public.

Not shortly after, two of the dogs were found and safely returned to the Animal shelters. And in more good news, the teenagers that executed the theft were apprehended on Sunday. Their names have not been released but they have been charged with breaking into the animal shelter and stealing four dogs.

Following their arrest, Boomer has been found, but the beagle is still missing. Police suspect that he is roaming free in the area of the Animal Shelter. We can only hope that he does not develop any serious health complications before he is found.

Image & Feature Image Source: Campbell County Sheriff’s Office

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