Two Sisters Weep After Initial Shock Of Seeing Long-Lost Dog, Oscar

Two Sisters Weep After Initial Shock Of Seeing Long-Lost Dog, Oscar

In a video post shared by the animal rescue organization based in Argentina, Los Hermanos Paticorti, two sisters were viewed as transitioning from shock, disbelief, and weeping upon seeing their long-lost dog, Oscar, jumping out of the car and into their yard, after going missing for two months.

While no one knew, for sure, how Oscar survived the long months that he was away from his family and home, it was obvious, from the video, that the hearts of his two siblings were broken over his absence, and that, they were about to be healed after Oscar’s unexpected return to their home.

The two girls were obviously in a state of shock when they saw the missing pet. The younger sibling was seen looking at the car’s window and screaming as Oscar got out of the car. After several seconds of getting over her initial shock, she then called out to her older sister, who appeared immobile at first, and then, finally walking toward the pup to give him a hug.

While Oscar appeared to be in his optimistic and carefree demeanor, the two siblings wept with tears of joy and relief during the fateful meeting. Oscar was found by a stranger and turned over to Los Hermanos Paticorti, which, then, reunited the pup with his family. The group wrote that the emotion was so great that particular day, and that, it was the best ending for Oscar.

Feature Image Credit: loshermanospaticorti

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