Universal Signs That Your Dog's End Of Life Is Near

Universal Signs That Your Dog's End Of Life Is Near

No matter how much we dread or how much love and care we put into our dogs’ health, the inevitable will come – they must pass on. Here are some universal signs you can watch out for.

  1. Some of the most noticeable signs include limiting food and water. During times like these, it is best to not force-feed or hydrate your dogs.
  2. While this can be hard to differentiate from your dog just getting old, your dog’s incontinence is still something you should probably keep an eye on.
  3. Your dog may start losing interest in things that used to delight them, or they stop acknowledging treats and even your presence.
  4. You may notice that their gums have changed color to something more grayish or even blue. This is because of the body diverting life-giving oxygen to more crucial organs.
  5. Your dog may get more lethargic, winding down as they progress towards their death.
  6. At some point, your dog may stop drinking water altogether. Do not force feed them – it is part of the process.
  7. Your dog’s breathing may become more labored. Do not be alarmed – as far as most can tell, this is natural for dying dogs, and brings no discomfort.
  8. In contrast to lethargy, your dog may become restless instead. They may appear constantly uncomfortable, pacing around a lot and unable to rest.

Hopefully, with this information, you will be better prepared to care for your dog as they near the end of their life.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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