Vegan Couple Banned From Keeping Pets After Feeding Grains To Puppies

Vegan Couple Banned From Keeping Pets After Feeding Grains To Puppies

Some people are so closed-minded, that they hurt others just to prove a point. That was the case with a vegan couple, that only fed their puppies grains. The couple from North Queensland was banned from ever owning animals and fined almost $9,000.

James McKenzie and Megan Price were charged with two counts of failing to comply with animal welfare directions and failing to treat an animal. The RSPCA received multiple complaints about the couple, which lead to a series of investigations. The investigations determined that there was abuse targeted at two puppies, Ula and Roo, so the puppies were confiscated. The abuse was primarily about feeding practices. Their diet consisted mainly of chickpeas, quinoa, rice, and grains.

This diet caused the puppies to be severely malnourished. They required immediate medical attention, so they were quickly taken to the emergency room. Roo also had an untreated leg injury, because the couple couldn’t afford a vet. This injury caused him immense suffering. Because of this alleged lack of money, the couple couldn’t afford more dog food, so they had to feed the puppies with whatever they had lying around.

At one of the visits, McKenzie even lied that the puppies had died, but someone spotted them on the property a few days later. After the last inspection, when the puppies were confiscated, he even said that the people who eat murdered animals will never be like them, as they are vegans and love animals. Both puppies were underweight, and Roo even had blisters on his stomach. Unfortunately, he didn’t survive as he had to be put down. Ula was able to recover and he was able to find his forever home.

His foster dad loves him to pieces and he is finally able to have a happy, fulfilled life.

Image Credit: Flickr

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