Vela The Labrador Has No Idea What's Going On! Is That A Fly?

Vela The Labrador Has No Idea What's Going On! Is That A Fly?

This Labrador is so confused she has literally no idea what’s going on! Is that a fly? If it is, it’s a mighty big fly! Oh my!

According to the original uploader on Rumble, “Watch how Vela the dog reacts after being confronted by a flying remote controlled helicopter. She just can’t figure out what it is!

Yes, but it’s not her fault! She’s so adorable and just wants to figure out what this weird flying thing is and keep her family safe. After all, we all make mistakes! As a kid I mistook a bird for a UFO! I ran around like crazy to grab my parents’ attention when that’ UFO’ began flying lower so maybe Vela is just trying to do the same thing.

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Source: Dog vs remote controlled helicopter by Fibik on Rumble

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Feature Image Source: Rumble

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