Vet Issues Warning To Dog Parents About Hot Pavements And Burned Dog Paws

Vet Issues Warning To Dog Parents About Hot Pavements And Burned Dog Paws

If the pavements are too hot for us, just how is it like for our dogs’ bare feet? As climate change makes temperatures soar and summers more intense, this has become enough of a concern that veterinarians are issuing warnings about this situation.

Medical Lake Veterinary Hospital has posted about one of its patients, and hopes that his story will serve as a warning to all. Olaf the Golden Retriever had been brought into the vet hospital due to a horrific injury – his paw pads were so badly burnt, they were exposing raw muscle.

Olaf’s owner had not noticed a single thing since the pooch hadn’t been limping or whining while accompanying her on that trail walk. It was only when she spotted that Olaf was leaving behind bloody footsteps did she realize something was wrong, and she rushed him to the vet hospital. Thankfully, this tough cookie will make a full recovery from this injury, though not without some daily care for his paws.

In the meantime, doctors are offering different guides on how to check if the pavement is safe for your dogs. Generally, if it is too hot for your hand it is likely too hot for them as well. Another way to test is to place the back of your hand against the pavement for seven seconds. If you can’t bear to keep it there the whole time, then it is too hot for your dogs as well.

Alternatively, you can just make them wear booties!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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