Vets Request Pet Parents To Keep Their Pets Indoors During Bad Weather

Vets Request Pet Parents To Keep Their Pets Indoors During Bad Weather

No one likes bad weather – unless you are a storm chaser, then you probably don’t mind going out in the rain, sleet, snow, and wind!

Animals have an innate sense that allows them to tell when there will be a change in the weather. You may notice your dog starts to act differently just before a storm. Dogs can sense changes in the barometric pressure, they have excellent hearing and remember. They can remember the last time they felt a change in the pressure, there was a storm. Please be mindful of this and make sure your pets (dogs, cats, and other furry creatures) have an indoor spot to ride out bad weather.

If you can, set up a cozy spot for them to retreat to when a storm rolls in. If your pet reacts badly during a storm (is very scared), consider closing the curtains and playing soft, classical music in the background. The music can be a lovely distraction to the storm for you as well! Have a stuffed toy nearby for your dog to snuggle with and try an infuser that releases calming pheromones into the air.

If your dog does get upset, the worst thing you can do is get upset at them! That will only make a bad situation worse, if they are scared, you should try and comfort them – but not give them too much attention. Try to keep your normal routine around the house, with an extra eye on them!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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