Vets Warn Pet Parents: Watch Out For Summer Paw Pad Injuries

Vets Warn Pet Parents: Watch Out For Summer Paw Pad Injuries

Summer might be the perfect time to take your pup out for fun walks and romps, but make sure that their paws are safe!

Meg Almazan had the right idea when she decided to wait for a cloudy day before taking Alaska, her border collie lab mix pup, for a walk at the Railyard Dog Park in Denver. Alaska must be grateful to her Mommy for this decision! Although Mommy often hoses her down with cool water before they head out, the dry heart nearly nullifies any cooling effects, which makes Mommy worry about her.

Meg expressed concern for Alaska’s paw pads because she noticed that the heat often made them raw, forcing the poor pup to stop walking. Luckily, Meg has the right idea! According to Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald from VCA East Alameda Veterinary Hospital, he sees paw pad injuries in pups every weekend and almost every other day during the summer. “We can get superheated particles in that concrete or gravel that can burn these feet in a horrible way,” he explained.

Apparently these particles can reach temperatures of over 120 degrees! Wow! Dr. Kevin recommends that pup mommies and daddies check their fur ball’s paws after they’ve been outside. He also suggests that hiking isn’t a quest embarked on without a first aid kid. Thanks to mommy Meg, Alaska’s paws are safe from this painful fate! When you take your pups out this summer, don’t forget to ensure that their paws don’t burn.

Summer’s the best time to have fun outside, so don’t let a burn get in the way of the excitement. Do share the information with other pup parents!

Feature Image Source: KUSA

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