Video: Awesome Senior Labrador Opening Christmas Gift!

Video: Awesome Senior Labrador Opening Christmas Gift!

If you have a dog and you celebrate Christmas, you probably already know where this is going – there is something about those doggie noses that just makes them able to find their exact present, even among piles of other toys and gifts for the humans – the nose knows!

This sweet, 12+ year old yellow lab named Hannah still has a lot of spring in her step (who would know she’s a senior dog?) and this Christmas she’s been resting up, exploring, and building up strength snacking to prepare for the Christmas present hunt!

Her reaction is just the sweetest. We’re so glad her family has this filmed so they can always remember spunky, sweet Hannah enjoying her Christmas. If you watch the video below, you’ll see she seem to have a pretty good life and finds her Christmas present no problem under the tree!

She almost can’t believe her luck – she is so excited about finding the present, but she finally rips into it and loves what’s inside!

The original uploader on YouTube says, “A simple test, to see if our 12+ year old Lab Hannah could find and open her Christmas gift… with a little historical video to set the background.” She seems to do pretty well if you ask us!

Watch the video below to see how energetic and fun her life is!

Feature Image Source: BassInIdaho

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