Video: German Shepherd Puppy Is Excellent Household Help!

Video: German Shepherd Puppy Is Excellent Household Help!

Many pet owners strive toward training their dog to help out with household tasks. However, few achieve it.

Alice, from the UK, can rest happy in the knowledge that her little German shepherd puppy is already not only trained, but also quite skillful. Inca the black GSD is only 25 weeks old but not only behaves herself well when left home alone, but when mom comes home, she helps her out!

Inca knows how to help mom take her socks off, remove her scarf, and even take off her hat! What a good, smart dog and at just 25 weeks!

Keep Reading And Watch The Video Of Inca Being A Household Help Here!

When Inca’s mom comes in after a long day, Inca is there to help her get comfy and relax. She gently helps remove her hat, scarf and socks in record time while mom can just sit back and relax!

Watch the video below to see the German shepherd puppy helping her mom with household tasks!

Feature Image Source: Alice Brownridge

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