Golden Retriever Sings A Duet With Himself On TV!

Golden Retriever Sings A Duet With Himself On TV!

Hobbes the handsome golden retriever is a great singer. In his family he’s kind of known for his singing abilities, so his family decided to record him singing along to a piano one day. Now they’re playing the video for Hobbes so he can see and hear himself singing along to the music. Only, now when he hears himself singing in the video, he feels compelled to join in with some live singing, making it a duet with himself!

We often hate to hear our voice on a recording, but this golden doesn’t mind it at all!

Watch the video below to see how this golden retriever is singing a duet with himself!

Source: Family dog sings duet with himself on TV by HobbesSister on Rumble

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