Video: Labrador Puppy Cuteness Overload!

Video: Labrador Puppy Cuteness Overload!

Prepare for some Labrador puppy cuteness overload! Labradors just rock! No wonder they’re the most popular dogs in the US, UK, and Canada!

In this compilation video, you’ll see lots and lots of otter-tailed cuteness having fun and being their incredibly adorable selves!

See a litter of Labradors chasing a girl, a mommy Labrador cleaning up her pups, a Lab playing with a tennis ball container, and more!

Labradors are easy to train which makes obedience work a fun way to interact with your dog. Labradors also require plenty of exercise — this is especially true since most Labs love to eat!

Watch the video below to see the adorable Lab puppies!

Feature Image Source: GreatVideosforKids

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