Wait Till You See What This Adorable Pup Is Barking At! This Is Completely Relatable!

October is the favorite month of many who love spooky, scary things and can’t wait for Halloween and all the creepy decorations, haunted houses, and other themed fun events! But for dogs, suddenly seeing a bunch of frightening people dressed in odd costumes can be a bit jarring!

For three years in a row, Ella has expressed nothing but distrust and disdain towards the “monsters” she sees in October – namely the decorations and decorative statues and figures that can be seen on many a home’s porch. In this video, she’s extremely suspicious about a smiling orange pumpkin figure dressed in a black cloak with long, brown claws!

This pup barks angrily at the decorative object, trying to scare it as much as it is scaring her! She doesn’t trust these strange things one bit. Don’t worry, Ella, they’re not real! Let’s hope she’s not out and about when trick-or-treating starts…

Feature Image Source: ellabella

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