Watch How Excited This Adorable Pup Becomes When Reuniting With Mom After 10 Months!

Watch How Excited This Adorable Pup Becomes When Reuniting With Mom After 10 Months!

Remy’s tiny little body is deceiving. She might be a very little pup, but you wouldn’t believe the multitudes of love that she holds in her adorable, tiny, fluffy frame! And she really doesn’t hold back on expressing her love and affection towards her two amazing Moms who she loves very, very much!

Remy lives at home with wives Nancy Spadoni and Aimee Beasley-Spadoni. She loves them both very much, but unfortunately, Nancy hadn’t been around for nearly a year. She had been deployed to Afghanistan and had been there, serving the country for 10 months. Poor little Remy missed her Mom so very dearly and could only whine from a distance.

When Nancy was away, Aimee and Remy would FaceTime with her, and it was very clear that Remy missed her so much. They made sure to keep in touch as much as possible so Remy wouldn’t feel too sad without her.

Then, the day finally came for Nancy to come home. Remy was unbelievably excited and over the moon, and this video captured their reunion. It’s a very touching moment that is sure to bring tears to the eyes of those who watch it!

Just a girl coming home to her babygirl! So sweet.. They missed each other. ❤️❤️

Posted by Aimee Beasley-Spadoni on Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Nancy has now been home for several days, but in that time, Remy has not lost her enthusiasm. She refuses to leave Nancy’s side most of the time and makes sure to give her tons and tons of extra kisses, as though she’s making up for lost time. What a precious sweetheart!

Remy is so happy to have her Mom home so that her whole family is complete again, and her love pours out of her in an endless, furry, adorable stream. Watch their reunion video and see if you don’t start sobbing from the sweetness of it all!

Feature Image Source: Aimee Beasley-Spadoni

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