Watch How This Adorable Little Pup Throws Daddy Out Of His Bed!

Watch How This Adorable Little Pup Throws Daddy Out Of His Bed!

Din the little dachshund pup is not too keen on sharing his bed. And yes, the big mattress with all the pillows and blankets is his bed! He’s very annoyed that Dad doesn’t seem to remember that the whole bed is rightfully his! How rude.

Little Din wants the whole bed to himself, but his Dad never seems to follow his rules. Daddy is supposed to stick to the edge of the bed, not take over half of it like he owns it! Din has no choice but to remind him by using his soft fluffy paws to push Dad off and onto the floor.

Daddy unceremoniously rolls off the bed, and he is definitely not too happy with that! He tries to scooch Din back over to his own side of the bed, but Din won’t have that either. So he comes up with a sneaky plan to get what he wants.

Din rushes off the bed and decides it’s time to go digital. A short while after setting everything up, the plan is ready. The car alarm outside begins to glare, and Daddy jolts awake and runs outside to turn off the car alarm. But when he turns to come back into the bedroom, the door has been locked behind him! What?!

It seems that Din has locked the door and claimed the entire room and bed for himself. Well played, pup, well played!

Feature Image Source: Doxie Din – not just a dachshund

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