Watch How This Adorable Pup Trains With His Mother!

Watch How This Adorable Pup Trains With His Mother!

Some pups are motivated by praise, others are motivated by toys, and many are motivated by treats!

When training your pup, it’s always important to get to know them and understand what makes them tick, so you can ensure your pup’s absolute willingness and enjoyment. After all, training should be a happy bonding time for everyone involved!

Scout the Beagle is very much an adorable pup that falls into the last category. His Mom, Lucy, had gone to the Asian supermarket and bought a new snack–prawn crackers! This snack smells very strongly, so it’s no mystery as to why it got Scout’s attention. And he can’t resist it, too! With this new treat, his Mom has no problems training him to go to “jail”, his cage!

As always, all Moms and Dads should be very careful with checking the ingredients label before giving human food to your pups. Nobody likes making their precious pooch sick!

Feature Image Source: Lucy Bear

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