Watch How This Dog Reacts To This Magic Trick

Watch How This Dog Reacts To This Magic Trick

This video was posted on TikTok, popular video media site. It displayed a man playing a clever magic trick on the pooch, where he pretended to bite his dog’s paw off.

The video was posited on TikTok on April 13 of this year by a woman named DJ T James, whose screen name is djtjames601.

Here, a man is seen lying next to a black dog. The overlaying text reads “He really thought I bit him” plus a laughing emoji. His next move is to pull the dog’s paw into his mouth and mimic crunching sounds. Of course, the dog got freaked out by this act, and his eyes bulged out of his head.

This trick doesn’t last very long, and when it’s over, he glares at the man. To date, the video has 3.2 million likes and 25.1 million views. The comment sections were pretty active with viewers sharing their thoughts.

@djtjames601Look at his face 😂 #dogsoftiktok #dogs #fyp #fy

♬ original sound – Lola B.

One comment read, “OMG! He’s so cute! Lol. I hope you gave him a treat after this…lol.” Another comment read, “Why do I find it funny when the whites of dogs eyes show.”

A user named Bobby-Jo Reid Tuita shared, “Omg the best reaction yet. The eyes actually do this. When the sound starts hahahahaha.” Kobe said, “his eyes, absolutely adorable.”

Hanna said, “You can see the stress.” Another user shared, “Omg his face though he really does have a heart of gold and trusts you. Can see the beautiful bond.”

Image Credit: djtjames601 / TikTok

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