Watch How This Loving Pup Welcomes Her New Sick Brother To The Family

Watch How This Loving Pup Welcomes Her New Sick Brother To The Family

We always love it when neglected stories about pooches have a happy ending – even if their beginnings were very far from happy! Every pup deserves a loving home, and when an abandoned one finds their new forever family, it warms up everyone’s hard.

That was definitely the case for little Timmy, found on the streets of Argentina abandoned and starving. He was taken in by a kind stranger, who made it her mission to find homes for abandoned dogs – and through a post on Facebook, Timmy was adopted by his new mom, Jessica Rojo Savard.

At the start, Timmy looked more like a meerkat than he did a puppy – and hence why he was named after Timon, the famous meerkat of The Lion King.

But not just that, even though Timmy had been taken in by a new loving family, he was incredibly scared to go anywhere near them and very timid all the time. Jessica, however, had had experience with rescue pets – having rescued a cat and dog in the past – so she treated him with patience and kindness.

It all paid off when the pooch finally started coming out of his shell.

Right in front of his family’s eyes, Timmy transformed into the sweetest, most loving dog in the whole neighbourhood. He loves playing with his puppy sister Juanita and playing with all of his puppy toys.

Now Timmy is best friends with Savard’s baby Julia and everyone around.

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Images & Feature Image Source: Jessica Rojo Savard

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