Watch How This Pup Reacts When He Sees Mom After 9 Months!

Watch How This Pup Reacts When He Sees Mom After 9 Months!

It’s always tough when you have to leave your precious pup behind. For Oriany De Oliveira, it’s been a difficult past nine months.

While she’s from Venezuela, Oriany has been living overseas in Argentina for work purposes, and her Border Collie pup Layla remains at home with her family. She describes Layla as the love of her life and her best friend, and she misses the pup every day.

Oriany keeps in touch with her family all the time over the phone, but keeping it touch with Layla is much harder. She wants Layla to know she’s okay, but doing so was virtually impossible. That is, until Oriany’s mom found out how to project video calls onto the television screen!

When Oriany made the call to Layla and called her name, the pup took a moment to recognize her, and then went completely nuts! The pup was so excited and overjoyed when she heard her Mommy’s voice and saw her face. The touching moment revealed that Layla’s been missing Oriany just as much as Oriany has missed her. The pup barked and stood up on her hind legs, tail wagging, often looking back at Oriany’s mother as if to say “Grandma, are you seeing this???”

This emotional moment warmed Oriany’s heart and brought tears to her eyes. She hopes to save up enough so she can visit Layla in the flesh soon, but for now, this beautiful virtual reunion will tide them over.

Feature Image Source: Oriany De Oliveira

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