Watch What These Adorable Pups Are Doing Right Now!

Watch What These Adorable Pups Are Doing Right Now!

We all love puppies, no matter what age they are! A lot of uneducated people aren’t too happy with puppies once they are older, as they stop being the picture-perfect version of puppies that we are familiar with in media.

In reality, however, these pups just get more huggable as they grow bigger in size!

A great example of which happens to be these adorable German Shepherd puppies, whose ears aren’t even upright yet! It can take from 16 to 20 weeks before the cartilage in those ears harden enough for them to be upright, but that doesn’t take away anything from how adorable they are.

These puppies are just hanging out outside their cages in the garden, having some bonding time in the background and just enjoying the moment! It must be nice of them to stretch their legs and enjoy some fresh air, especially after being cooped up a fair bit.

Feature Image Source: Meuzi Pinto

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