Watch What This Adorable Pup Does To Make Strangers Play With Her! This Is Too Cute!

Watch What This Adorable Pup Does To Make Strangers Play With Her! This Is Too Cute!

When Riley was just 10 weeks old, he was adopted from a Big Bear, California shelter. His new Mom was thrilled as she’d wanted a golden retriever to take in after she lost her previous pup. It was clear from the start that Riley was sweet and extremely friendly, but his Mom had no idea how friendly he’d be!

Riley has always enjoyed looking over the walls around his home’s patio. He’s a very social pup and loves making friends, so his Mom placed a small box there for him to stand on.

This meant he spent his days peeking over the top, his paws hung over the wall, eyes watching as the world went by.

Slowly, the pup started doing so more and more. It became his favorite hang-out spot, much to everyone else’s delight! People would take pictures or videos of him as they drove by. Others would come over to greet him, take a selfie, and pet him.

At one point, the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend cast filmed nearby and the whole cast couldn’t resist coming by to take pictures of the famous pup! This means Riley’s Mom sees him on the Internet all the time, often posing with people she’s never met.

Now, Riley actively encourages people to come up and say hello to him. How does he do that? He picks up his ball, waits till he sees someone he wants to meet, then drops it outside!

Naturally, passersby stop to help him retriever his ball and say hello, not knowing that it’s all part of Riley’s sneaky ploy.

Riley is so well-known that he’s pretty much a local celebrity and even Starbucks employees nearby stop by to give him Puppucinos every so often.

And with his ball in his mouth, casually dropped at just the right time, he’s making even more friends as he goes.

Images & Feature Image Source: Wendy Walden

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