Welcoming Your New Dog Home... What An Exciting Time It's Going To Be!

Welcoming Your New Dog Home... What An Exciting Time It's Going To Be!

During the pandemic, Americans have been adopting more animals, and have increased pet households by 4% around the country. Now, the total number of households that have animals are a whopping 71 million.

So, if you are just now welcoming home a new family member, here are a few accessories you should think about purchasing.

For new dog parents, purchasing a waterproof throw blanket is a must. These blankets should be soft, and are a great way to pamper your pet while making your couch or chair look decorative. Your new blanket should be pet friendly, waterproof and fur resistant all while making it the perfect place for your new boy or girl to nap.

When it’s time for some exercise and play, an LED dog leash will come in handy. An LED leash allows for all motorists to see you and your companion, most importantly during the evenings. Some LED dog leashes come in solid light patterns or as flashing lights and may last for up to five hours per each recharge. The charge depends on the brand you buy, so be sure to read the package!

For food and treats, you’ll need some good bowls. Your idea bowl should be stainless steel as they make it easy for your pets to keep all their food inside. Additionally, your bowls should be dishwasher safe! This is optional, though, but a preference. When buying bowls, see if there are offers or if they come along with mats or extra bowls!

In terms of treats, chew toys are very normal for your pet to have! The bottom line is that getting a new pet can sometimes be overwhelming, but with the needed accessories and treats in mind, you and your new family addition will be happy.

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