What Does Play Fight Look Like? Check This Out!

What Does Play Fight Look Like? Check This Out!

Ever wonder what happens when you stare at a dog? Have you ever tried? A couple of things may happen. One, they stare back, or tow, they get all excited about the attention and move in for some hugs and cuddles!

Staring at a dog is probably not something most people do – but in this video, a person is staring at Ezee, the English Bulldog, with a camera. Why? We are not sure, but, the reaction they get from Ezee isn’t one of the options we had thought of!

Ezee stops panting as if to say, “What are you looking at?!” Then Ezee starts panting again, then stops, and give the camera that same look again! Maybe we should all stare at our dogs to see what kind of a reaction we can get out of them – don’t forget the camera so you can record it and share!

Feature Image Source: Celeste Hall

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