What Happens If My Dog Gets Stung By A Bee?

What Happens If My Dog Gets Stung By A Bee?

If you’ve ever been stung by a vee, then you know it’s a painful and uncomfortable experience. If your dog gets stung by a bee, do you think the reaction will be the same? Can dogs be allergic to bee stings? Let’s find out.

Can dogs be allergic to bee stings?

The severity of a bee sting depends on two main factors. Where the sting is located and whether you are allergic or not. For dogs, the same is true and they can be allergic to bees, wasps, and other insects.

Mild reactions occur usually when there is no allergy and usually take the form of localized swelling or hives. A small percentage of dogs will have more severe infections which can include swelling around the eyes and muzzle and difficulty breathing.

What you can do

After the sting, monitor the area closely for swelling. You can apply ice to mild to bring down the swelling and soothe your dog. If you have Benadryl or any form of diphenhydramine, ask your vet if you can give it to your dog. Do not use any product that contains other ingredients like alcohol or decongestants.

If you notice the symptoms get worse, such as swelling of the face and wheezing or difficulty breathing, reach out to your vet immediately or bring your dog to the animal clinic. Do not attempt to give your dog any over-the-counter medication as this can make the situation worse.

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