What It Means When Your Dog Howls

What It Means When Your Dog Howls

So you’re watching a horror movie on Netflix, one that’s filled with vampires and werewolves when, suddenly, you hear a loud howl. You realize it’s not coming from the movie but from your cute, adorable beagle.

While it may be cool to see your furry pup metamorphose into a wolf before your very eyes, howling is actually common among dogs. Some breeds, such as the Siberian huskies and beagles, are observed to exhibit this behavior more often than others. Owing to a wolf lineage, your dog’s howling is one of the many ways by which he or she communicates with you.

During a wild hunt or pack activity, wolves howl to gather or communicate with their fellow wolves. It is their way of communicating their location or an imminent threat. In the case of your furry pup, he or she may just either be enthusiastic over something or trying to catch your attention. At times, dogs get triggered when they hear howling sounds such as the case earlier or when they hear other sounds akin to that of a wolf’s howl.

There are also some songs that have the same effect on your dog, especially songs that mimic the sounds of a wolf pack. So, the next time you hear your dog howl, remember that he or she may just be saying they’d love a stroll or play outdoors with you or that you’ve been too busy you’ve forgotten about him or her!

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