What To Do When A Dog Bites You

What To Do When A Dog Bites You

David Wolpaw, a family medicine physician, was bitten by a dog at a shopping plaza parking lot. He called the police to report and tended to the bite without going to a hospital to get treatment.

There are two things to take from Dr. Wolpaw’s story. First, he reported the incident to the police to locate the dog’s parents. Second, he took care of himself. Thanks to his education and experience treating other dog-bite victims, he handled the situation well.

Not many people can do what Dr. Wolpaw did because they don’t have the right knowledge of how to care for a dog bite. If you get bitten by a dog, there are two things you should do – report to the authorities and get medical attention.

Suppose the dog’s parents are present and cooperative; you can ask for their name, address, and information about the dog, including age, breed, and veterinarian’s contact details. If possible, take a photo of the dog.

You need information about the dog and their parents for several reasons, including verifying whether the dog has been vaccinated or not.

If the dog bit is on the face, seek professional treatment within 24 hours because the risk of infection is high. With other types of wounds, Dr. Wolpaw advises that you cleanse the wound with warm, soapy water to flush bacteria for 10 to 15 minutes.

If bleeding continues, you should seek professional care immediately. You can opt not to get professional help if the bleeding stops. In such a case, you can cover the wound with a loose bandage which you should change several times a day.

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