What To Do With My Pup’s Cute But Nasty Biting Phase

What To Do With My Pup’s Cute But Nasty Biting Phase

It’s normal for pups to mouth, nip, or bite stuff including yourself, while exploring and understanding our world. Although it’s one of the cute growing-up phases, those tiny sharp teeth aren’t fun when they begin to dig into your skin.

Fortunately, this oral phase will swiftly pass once you teach your pup to expend his/her excess energy in positive ways. Training is critical at this stage. If you fail to teach or train your little ones, this behavior can easily become dangerous when they become larger and their teeth, more destructive.

Sometimes, the habit can redound to aggression and other disconcerting behaviors later on. So, while you’re apt to gush at how adorably he nips your finger, cut the habit immediately by train him/her to behave so he/she grows up to obedient and positive. To help them, provide a variety of toys to chew, bite, or nip at.

Ensure that the toys are safe, sturdy, and appropriate in size so that your pup won’t be able to easily rip or ingest them. Also, when he/she starts biting you, stop playing and respond by shouting ‘ouch’ to let him/her know that it hurts you. Anticipate his/her excitement when biting/nipping/mouthing usually happens and cease playing.

Consider formal training in socialization to allow him/her to play with other pups and expend their energies. Don’t hit or physically punish your pup at this phase as it could lead to fear, or worse, aggression.

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