What You Need To Know About Dogs And Raisins

What You Need To Know About Dogs And Raisins

Raisins are naturally dried grapes. They can be found in different products, including cereals, oatmeals, cookies, and dried fruit mixes. If your dog ate raisins or you are considering feeding them some as treats, it is important to know that raisins are toxic for dogs.

Grapes generally are toxic to dogs. So if your dog eats raisins, you need to contact your veterinarian immediately. Raisin toxicity in dogs was discovered in 1980 when it was observed that dogs were experiencing renal failure after eating grapes or raisins.

The first symptom your dog will display when suffering from raisin toxicity is vomiting. Usually, this would occur within 24 hours after the raisin was ingested. Other symptoms that may follow after 48 hours include diarrhea, lack of appetite, abdominal pain, excessive thirst, and urination. Since many of these symptoms can present themselves in other diseases, it would be difficult to know its raisin poisoning if you didn’t see your dog eating it.

The biggest concern with raisin poisoning in dogs is kidney damage. The kidneys are vital organs that perform various functions, including eliminating body toxins. While kidney damage due to raisin poisoning may be managed or reversed, prevention is much better because the kidneys cannot repair themselves.

Regardless of the number of raisins your dog consumed, you should contact your veterinarian immediately if they have been exposed to it.

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