What You Should Know About Getting A Dog Sitter When Traveling

What You Should Know About Getting A Dog Sitter When Traveling

There are times when you need to travel without your dog. If you find yourself in such a situation, consider hiring a dog sitter if no friend or family member can help care for your dog. Since they are in a familiar setting, many dogs find having a dog sitter at home less stressful than going to a doggie daycare. 

Usually, word of mouth is the best way to find reliable dog sitters. So, speak with other dog parents in your neighbourhood to find out who they recommend. Additionally, you can contact your veterinarian, trainer, and groomer for referrals. You may also use pet-sitting apps or professional pet-sitting organizations.

Set up interviews with potential dog sitters as soon as you receive recommendations to learn about their background and method of working with dogs. It's crucial to let your dog be present at the interview so you can understand how they feel.

Once you've hired a dog sitter, give them all the information they need, including your cell phone number, local emergency contacts, and veterinarian's contact information. Also, leave the dog sitter detailed instructions regarding your dog's routine such as when your dog eats, their favourite toys, behavioural challenges, etc.

It is stressful to travel without your dog, but having a reliable dog sitter watch them at home can ease your worries. Always verify a potential dog sitter's credentials and experience before hiring them.

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