When Dogs Lick You, Are They Kissing You?

When Dogs Lick You, Are They Kissing You?

We often think of dogs licking our faces as their equivalent of a kiss. It only makes sense – we enjoy kissing them back in return, after all. And it seems that they find it equally wonderful in return! But is this common perception really the case?

Why Do They Lick?

Licking for dogs serve a variety of purposes, especially between mother and pup. Here are a few other reasons for this common behavior.

1. It nabs them positive attention. If we tend to shower affection on our dogs after receiving such kisses, they will obviously want to repeat the behavior. After all, they do enjoy the attention!

2. It serves as a form of deference within a pack. An adult dog would lick a dog it was submissive towards, and in turn, the receiver would stand tall and receive it.

3. It may be something else entirely. Your dog is an individual, and will develop their own vocabulary for communicating with you. Perhaps it’s their way of showing that they’re excited to see you, or that they just want a snack.

At the end of the day, it really depends on how your dog is like. It’s best to just observe your dog closely, and learn to understand all their ticks and behaviors.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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