When In Doubt...Use A Spoon?

When In Doubt...Use A Spoon?

Lu-Seal and Julia Morley met at a shelter in Pittsburg. Back then, she could barely walk. She was twice the size of other Chihuahuas her age and was a whopping 16 pounds.

She’s 9 now and looks completely different. Once in Morley’s care, she was put on a healthy diet and followed a liberal exercise regimen. She’s now able to maintain a healthy weight and has improved overall. This has continued for over three years to this date, and she still maintains an active lifestyle.

But this isn’t why we’re here. We’re here because Lu-Seal thought she could be naughty and get away with it! See, Morley had a new fence installed. When she picked it out, she thought it would be suitable, but she underestimated how much weight Lu-Seal had lost and how her body had transformed.

Lu-Seal was used to her freedom and enjoyed visits from her treat-giving neighbor, Eddie. Now that the fence was installed, she couldn’t chase him down like she was used to. She made up her mind to squeeze her body through the fence every time she was allowed outside. Morley was having a hard time with this and shared it with Lu-Seal’s followers on Instagram. They came up with a sneaky plan that involved a safety spoon on Lu-Seal’s back.

It was a reach, but it worked. It was attached to her using her harness and Velcro cable ties. This only went on for a week until the landscaper could come back and install puppy guards. The funny part is, Lu-Seal didn’t even notice that a spoon was attached to her. She was so determined on getting through the fence, and never gave up, thinking she could persevere.

Now that the puppy guards are up. Lu-Seal has realized that her efforts are futile. Don’t worry though, she still gets her treats from Eddie who loves spoiling her. She’s as happy as ever and is doing just fine!

Images source: Instagram

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