When Is Cold Too Cold For Dogs?

When Is Cold Too Cold For Dogs?

In most places, the cold months keep getting colder. Of course, it all depends on the place you’re in. Some places get cold during the winter months, like Australia.

Some places really get that cold at all, like Florida. But the places that get really cold can be unsafe for your puppy if you don’t know how to prepare them for the weather.

If your dog seems anxious when out in the cold, or they put up resistance when they have to go out in the cold, the weather might not be their best friend. You should consider getting them winter booties or even a coat. The breed of the dog also factors in whether they get bothered by the cold or not. Breeds with long coats will adapt better in colder climates.

Bigger dogs also keep body heat much better than small dogs. But temperature isn’t the only thing to consider. Dogs are especially sensitive to wind and snow, so you might want to keep them inside on rainy winter days. Most dogs can handle temperatures above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Below that, small dogs become really uncomfortable and can develop health problems if they stay out in the cold for too long.

But you can train dogs to learn to withstand lower temperatures. If you get winter clothes and take them out for just a few minutes at a time, they should be fine. But, if you don’t absolutely have to take them on a walk, it might be better to keep them inside and enjoy the warmth with them.

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