When It's Bath Time, These Doxies Are The Happiest Dogs In The World!

When It's Bath Time, These Doxies Are The Happiest Dogs In The World!

When it’s time for a bath, most pets would run away, hide or make silly excuses like being temporarily paralyzed, but not these dachshunds! They absolutely love bath time! Their reaction is priceless!

I have a dog, a very cute one, everyone falls in love with her almost immediately. But when its time for a bath, she will spin the entire house around my head. She’ll act scared, she’ll run out of the house, she’ll sneak in places I can’t reach, not until I bribe her with a cookie will she royally step up. The moment I say bath time she’ll start all over again! Most of the pet dogs I have come across all hate showers, so I came to believe that maybe all pets hate their bath time. But when I came across this video, my jaw dropped!

See How These Two Dachshunds Enjoy Their Bath Time And You’ll Be Jealous!

When I clicked the video posted by Alejandra554, I read that she said, “Puppies are excited to run up the stairs and jump in the tub. They get so happy about bath time I let them run up and jump in this once. Again, I let them run up this ONCE. I know some of you have shown concern for the pups back health, i appreciate all the concern. I love my pups and yes I indeed carry them up the stairs when it’s time for a bath. They are mostly only upstairs for baths.” Then I went ahead and clicked the play button and I was AMAZED! I love these pups and you will too! Take a look 🙂 If you thought this was worth it, share some love! Don’t forget to Like and Share this with your friends 🙂

Feature Image Source: Alejandra554

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