When It's Hot Outside, Keep Your Dogs Inside

When It's Hot Outside, Keep Your Dogs Inside

We all love summer; the bright, long and hot summer days are just a recovery for a human soul after the long period of cold and rainy days. What about our dogs, do they like it as much?

Each pet parent will swear that ever since they have gotten their dog, they get less excited about summers and the heat. Our dogs do not take summers as happily as we do, unfortunately. Even though they are all naturally protected with their coat, some breeds with double coats have a difficult time regulating their body temperatures under the scorching hot sun. It is the time of the year when we have to take special care of our best friends.

Animal care service in Indiana has even issued an official warning and directions on how to take care of your dog, beginning with the recommendation for not leaving the dog outside at all during the day, except for bathroom purpose or a short walk. Furthermore, the city ordinance says that dogs have to be kept inside.

IACS also suggested not to leave your dog in a car at all, even if the windows are pulled down; while the rise of temperature doesn’t affect us much it can be dangerous and fatal for dogs. One of the tips is also to touch the asphalt with your hand, if it’s too warm; it will be too warm for their paws too. Make sure your dog has enough fresh water during the day, and take the water for them on walks too.

Change the walking and exercise schedule to early morning or evenings, and with these few tips given, hot summer days will be enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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