When It's Time To Ride, This Pup Depends On No One!

When It's Time To Ride, This Pup Depends On No One!

Roombas are helpful cleaning partners, especially when you have pups in the house who are shedding like crazy! With all that fur everywhere, poor Moms and Dads don’t always have the time to clean up after their pups. And they make a wonderful opportunity to see antics, like cats travelling around the house in style on a Roomba, or even babies taking a spin!

This Dachshund here seems to have seen those viral videos, and wants to try that for himself! In his excitement though, he seems to have missed the memo on how to sit down comfortably on a Roomba. Instead, he’s standing on it, excited but very nervous about this first time experience.

Good thing Mom’s on hand! Although she may be too amused by all this, you can hear her giggling in the background. We’re sure she’s ready to swoop in and rescue him should the Roomba get too scary and he decides he wants off this ride.

Feature Image Source: AFVVirals

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