When Tenant Violates The 'No Pets' Policy, No One Expected This Response From The Landlord!

When Tenant Violates The 'No Pets' Policy, No One Expected This Response From The Landlord!

When Nashi’s first mom decided he was too much work to care for after just three days, things weren’t looking up. But Nashi was brought along to a stylist appointment beforehand, and when stylist Hiroko heard that the woman planned to give Nashi to a shelter, she knew she had to step in to help, as it’s rare for dogs to ever be adopted from shelters in Japan.

Hiroko brought Nashi, then 5 months old, back home with her, with intentions to keep him. Her husband, Robert Hamilton, did not want a pet at home and said they would only keep him while trying to find him a new home. He told Hiroko not to get attached to or even name the dog. But then, Nashi – named because it means “nothing” and saying his name is Nashi is the same as saying he has no name in Japanese – wormed his way into Hamilton’s heart.

Nine years later, Hamilton and Nashi are unbelievably close. He brings the pup with him everywhere, even to spots he’s not supposed to be, like watching a sumo wrestling match! Eventually, Hamilton moved into a rented studio where he could carry on his work with his kimono design business, but the studio said there were no pets allowed on the property. When Hamilton was moving things in, Nashi tagged along, and when he barked, the landlord heard it.

Hamilton returned, alone, to the studio the next day, and the landlord confronted him and asked if he had a dog. Hamilton was worried, but it turned out that the landlord absolutely loves dogs and merely wanted to meet Nashi! Being in her old age, she no longer wanted to own pets as she was worried she would leave them behind soon. So Hamilton rushed back home and brought the pup with him to meet her.

Nashi had always been a little reserved, but he seemed to like the landlord when they first met. Three visits later, Nashi was thrilled to see her. Now, the landlord comes to visit Nashi almost daily, armed with treats, and Nashi loves her so much that sometimes he even tries to follow her home, and she’s the only one who can give him commands in Japanese that he will listen to.

This beautiful and unlikely friendship is one for the storybooks! Just remember, before you adopt a pet, please check your rent agreements and ensure that you’re allowed one!

Images & Feature Image Source: Robert Hamilton

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